2017-18 REGISTRATION (now open):  boys pk-9 registration form or  girls pk-9 registration form

2016-17 Youth Information Booklet and Schedule  (this is last years info, use it as a reference for now until the new one is published)


Youth wrestling has been a huge success in its first 10 seasons under the direction of the Syracuse High School program.  We annually hold the largest and one of the most successful youth wrestling programs in the state.  We typically get 300 wrestlers in our 1 month rec program.  We have also proven to be a force as we finished 3rd at the youth super state tournament last year with many super state champions.  We also have one of the largest girls wrestling programs in the state and we are fortunate to have a great women’s coach in Rachael Meyer.  She was a standout wrestler herself in Pennsylvania and is currently a state women’s coach for Team Utah.

In our recreation program the wrestlers work hard on developing their skills and love for the sport. This program takes place annually with practices beginning at the end October and running for four weeks. The program will be for grades pK-9 and will emphasize skills and a life-long love of wrestling, MAN’S OLDEST AND GREATEST SPORT!


Practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 weeks beginning Oct. 24.

  • grades pk-1 will practice 5:30 – 6:30 pm (small gym)
  • grades 2-3 will practice 6:30 – 7:30 pm (small gym)
  • grades 4-6 will practice 5:30 – 6:45 pm (wrestling room)
  • grades 7-9 will practice 6:45 – 8:00 pm (wrestling room)
  • girls only practice 7:00 – 8:00 pm (wrestling room)

Cost is $40 if registered by October 19 (add $10 late fee after Oct. 19).  The kids will be placed on a team and have dual meets at Syracuse on Nov. 4 and 11 at 9:00 am.  There is also a Northern Region Championship at Weber on Nov. 17-18.

All Wrestlers are required to get a USA Wrestling membership. The minimum membership level is the Limited Folkstyle Membership which is $15. This membership is required to participate in all practices and wrestling tournaments throughout Utah. You can upgrade to a Full Membership for $45 later. The Full Membership is required for the spring freestyle / Greco season and also many out of state and/or national tournaments. Cards can be purchased or renewed at the following website: Register under the club name: SYRACUSE


Practice will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning Nov. 28.  There will not be an additional club fee to continue, however, all winter wrestlers will be required to purchase a gear package so we can look like a team when we go to tournaments.  There will be an online store available to order the gear that will  be open beginning in September.

  • Grades 4-9 wrestlers will practice 5:30-6:50 pm
  • Grades pK-3 wrestlers will practice 6:50 – 7:50 pm

These practices will run until the Youth Super State Tournament on Feb. 2-3.   Wrestlers will also be required to purchase at least a USA Wrestling Utah Folkstyle League Card.  There are tournaments every weekend throughout the state that will require the USA Wrestling Card. It is $15 and you can purchase a card here.  You can upgrade to a full card later if you are planning on joining us for the Freestyle/Greco season.  For more information about the different levels of membership in USA Wrestling click here.  We will be hosting a huge pk-9 tournament called Christy’s Clash on January 13, 2018.

10 Strategies for Success:
1. Have fun!
2. Work hard!
3. Parent support: be there for your little guy in any way possible
4. Learn something new every time you wrestle (practices AND matches). Point out things you did well and also things you need to work on every time you wrestle.
5. Be patient. This sport takes time to learn. Everyone advances at different speeds. If you stick with it and apply all the strategies eventually you will figure it out and become a CHAMPION! 6. Set goals. Set small goals that will help you work to your ultimate goal.
7. Focus on mastering the skills that are being taught. Then, over time, they will start flowing together.
8. Be aggressive. It’s ok to be mean and tough when you are wrestling. Especially with your dad. Then when you are done, be a gentlemen and show good sportsmanship.
9. Go forward as you are wrestling. Always drive your feet like you are making a tackle in football.
10. Develop your athleticism through a variety of sports. Tumbling is also a great activity to help you become a better athlete and wrestler.

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